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Good Words About Good Body Products

Hi, my name is JH. I suffer from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy also known as complex regional pain syndrome it's an invisible inflammatory disease and there's no cure, your Green Power CBD Salve has literally saved me from so much pain that I've endured the last 2 years. I'm 26 years old and have tried a ton of medications that have not helped me, I found your product in a small shop in my town of Amagansett called Botanica. The pain I experience is the highest on the McGill Pain Scale. I never thought that a salve would help me so much! I just wanted to thank you guys for saving me from medications that are so harmful to my body! I couldn't imagine my life without your pain salves! I also have recommended your product to all of my friends and family, they too have the same results as myself. Thank you again.

—JH (submitted via email)

That Green Power CBD Salve, thank you very much, is really miraculous. Quick story: A small red burn on my cheek since India. Been there for close to a year and a half. Tried all kinds of things on it: potent vitamin e oil, moisturizers, sharp knife. Nothing seemed to work. Until now, when I had resigned myself to having a burned-up face. Thank you, GBP! Thank you, CBD!

—CFT (submitted online)

I purchased one of your products last year when I was on vacation skiing (a little thing of essential oils that says to rub on wrists and temples [one of our Solid Scents]). I been having major panic attacks and randomly decided to rub it near my nose and on my wrists.... I am so relieved to say that my several day long panic attack is finally giving me a break! Thank you so much for making this.

—Becki (submitted online)

Wonderful product! (Product: Calendula & Lemon Balm Soothing Salve [Rated 5 out of 5 stars by reviewer])

I tend to suffer from various skin rashes, and often the itching gets quite intense. I have found the Calendula and Lemon Balm Salve to be wonderfully soothing, and perfect consistency to apply. I am VERY fussy about anything I will put on/in my body, and am thrilled to find an ORGANIC product that is so great in all respects. Also—customer service by Good Body is EXCELLENT!

Posted Online By: N/A

You kindly gave me a sample of the Arnica & Comfrey Joint and Pain Salve at the farmer's market in Guilford last weekend and I thank you! I love it. It's made a big difference in my healing. I'm ordering a jar for me, my sister, and my father too.

—Laura (submitted online)

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Jar (Product: Calendula & Lemon Balm Soothing Salve [Rated 4 out of 5 stars by reviewer])

I wish this salve came in the same amounts as the Body Butters! It's excellent for an all-purpose moisturizer (which is why I go through it so fast) and absorbs fast—not too greasy! Not much of a smell, which is fine. I would recommend applying some every day to problem areas. Good for nails, feet, small cuts and bug bites.

Posted Online By: N/A

GBP—Please note: we do offer this salve in a larger 8oz size. Thanks for the love!

The No Buzz/No Bites bug spray works. I ran a little test. The most effective natural spray I've ever used. And I smell awesome.

—Allison (submitted via Facebook)

Your miraculous Calendula & Lemon Balm Soothing Salve has saved my 3rd degree burned chest. Thank the gods & goddesses I had it on hand. Deep bow.

—Wende (submitted online)

Couldn't be more thrilled to find your products now online. I've just used the last of the little tin with hand cut and taped on label atop - which my friend gave to me probably two years ago now. It is by far one of the best skin/essential oils products i've ever come across. Thank you so much!!

—Eleanor (submitted online)

Incredible Difference in Skin

I have extremely dry itchy skin on my legs along with some psoriasis on my ankle. I have been using this body butter (Calendula, Lemon Balm, and Jasmine Whipped Body Butter) after showering faithfully for about 3 weeks and I love the results. I highly recommend this product. I have yet to try a Good Body Product that I don't love!

—Andrea (submitted online)

Best Body Cream I Have Found

Thank you for creating the most nourishing body cream (Arnica, St. John's Wort, and Cedarwood Whipped Body Butter)I have ever used. I love the way the texture changes when you rub it in your hands, and my skin just soaks it up. I said good-bye to winter skin the first time I used it. I absolutely love it.

—Leslie (submitted online)

Love, Love, Love it.

Getting out of the shower is now the most luxurious time of my day. I rub it in (Arnica, St. John's Wort, and Cedarwood Whipped Body Butter), wait a few minutes to dress and my skin is so unbelievably soft. I've been using it for about two weeks and my skin is noticeably silkier and softer. Love this stuff!

—Connie (submitted online)

GBP 5 Star Review
Arnica and St. John's Wort Sugar Body Scrub (For Muscle & Joint Relief)

“I myself do not usually suffer from much pain, but I know several people that suffer from mild to chronic pain. In addition, I have epilepsy and people with epilepsy should not use any herbal products containing St. John's Wort because this herbal could provoke seizures when you have epilepsy.

So, with that said, when I received the Arnica and St. John's Wort Sugar Body Scrub (For Muscle and Joint Relief), I asked one of my friends who suffers from muscle spasms and terrible PMS all the time to try the product and tell me what she thought of it. She used it several times while she was in the shower and bath. During this time, she was experiencing pains in her legs and cramps caused by her menstruation and when she used the scrub she noticed a huge difference. The pain in her legs decreased drastically, her cramps went away and she said she felt much calmer and focused. She was not biting everyone's head off in the house. She was able to function and do things around the house instead of lying on the couch because of the pain she experiences.

The Arnica and St. John's Wort Sugar Body Scrub (For Muscle and Joint Relief) came quickly, was packaged well, and when she tried it, she told me what a difference from any other products and medicines she ever tried before. She loved that that there were no side effects and loved how calm and relaxed she felt afterwards. She told me he was going to continue using this natural pain relief scrub. She was very impressed and gave it FIVE STARS.” [Link to the review here.]

—As reviewed by Kim MacNamara and Stacey Chillemi (The Herbal Guide Team)

GBP 5 Star Review
Wild Yam Root & Geranium Menstrual Relief Salve

“My daughter started menstruation last year. Each month she experiences terrible menstrual cramps. I had tried a number of products over-the-counter and prescription too. None of them worked well. The over-the-counter ones, which are very popular, only helped a little or none at all. Then I called my doctor and he prescribed a medication for her that worked most of the time, but not all the time. Yesterday she was complaining on cramps, so I gave her GOOD BODY PRODUCTS' Yam Root & Geranium Menstrual Relief Salve. She tried it and within minutes, her cramps stopped. She came in my room and told me, "I won't need to take that pill because the cream you gave me stopped the cramps.I was very impressed because she experiences very painful cramps not mild ones. I was very impressed with GOOD BODY PRODUCTS Yam Root & Geranium Menstrual Relief Salve and I will continue to give it to my daughter. She loved it and I was so happy to see her running around the house instead of buried underneath her covers with a frown on her face.

The Good Body Products Wild Yam Root & Geranium Menstrual Relief Salve came quickly, packaged well and when she tried it, she told me what a difference from any other products and medicines she ever tried before. She loved that that there were no side effects and loved how calm and relaxed she felt. She told me she wanted to continue using this natural pain relief cream instead of the medicine she was using. She was very impressed and so was I. We both give it FIVE STARS.” [Link to the review here.]

—As reviewed by Alexis and Stacey Chillemi (The Herbal Guide Team)

“I never thought I'd be a mist man, but don't you know it, a few times a day I give myself a face blast of my Jasmine & Tangerine Aromatic Mist. Picks me up and smells me good. Like having a coffee somehow—pleasing, perks the senses, refreshes. Something refined and yet so simple. Like I'm French, or medieval royalty, concerned with fine hygiene and knowledgeable about how to use all-natural ingredients to achieve it. The spray seems to evaporate in a moment, and the fragrance is never cloying. If you're in my apartment, you will get sprayed.”

—Cullen (Jersey City, NJ)

“"I LOVE my Good Body Products. I've literally thrown EVERYTHING else in my vanity away! You can feel the love and goodness in every delicious drop. It's transformed my skin and with each spray of my aromatic mist, transforms my day too.”

—Christina (New York, NY)

“I am an older woman, and my hands and feet have dry skin, especially in the winter. I have been using the Good Body Arnica & Comfrey Joint and Pain Salve every night before bed. It is working really well and it's a lovely fragrance to go to sleep with. I also love the Lavender & Patchouli Solid Scent because the fragrance is subtle and lasting.”

—Edith (Guilford, VT)

“I have suffered from debilitating menstrual pain ever since I was a teenager. I try to avoid taking Aspirin and Tylenol whenever possible so I was very interested to hear about natural, topical ointments that might help. I tried the Wild Yam Root and Jasmine Menstrual Relief Salve by applying it on my stomach over the ovarian area and felt it working almost immediately. It also worked wonders on relaxing and calming the pain in my lower back which has always been a problem during periods. For anyone who suffers from severe menstrual pain but dislikes conventional pain relievers, this is a must!”

—Kathleen, (Brattleboro, VT)

“Dear Good Body Products, Your Arnica & Comfrey Joint and Pain Salve product is fantastic. I have been enduring a lot of pain in my right hand to the point where I could not function on a daily basis, most of the day I spent lying on the couch and taking Advil. My daughter brought me some of your Arnica and told me to try it—boy what a godsend this product is! It has now been three weeks and I use it every day just a little dab and my pain has disappeared. I can now get back to my normal day of washing dishes and feeling good. I had an appointment with my orthopedic and have cancelled it due to my hand feeling so great. I cannot thank you enough for making such a wonderful product that helps with pain. Sincerely,”

—Beatrice (Chester, VT)

“Being a nurse, I wash my hands dozens of times a day. That, coupled with feeding the wood stove, leaves my hands severely reddened and cracked all winter long. At night I would try to keep on top of it by copiously moisturizing. I thought the product I was using was reputable, though my hands seemed no better despite my best efforts. Then I happened upon Good Body Products' Wild Yam Root & Geranium Menstrual Relief Salve. That night I generously applied the product and awoke the next morning with smoother hands than I've known in weeks. I love the texture, and the scent soothes and calms my tired body at the end of a long day.”

—Stacia (Brookline, VT)

Rosemary & Lavender Aromatic Mist—Use it every day, it's almost gone! *Our whole family enjoys using this magical mist. It makes you feel calm and happy. *No skin problems or other issues. *We would use again and buy on a regular basis. Wild Yam Root & Geranium Menstrual Relief Salve—I have used it for two moon cycles so far. *This makes my muscles relax and relieves some of the cramping that I might feel during my cycle. I like the way it smells and moisturizes. It also reminds me to just take care of myself and maybe massage my abdominal area a bit when I do get some cramping. *No problems. *Yes, I would buy this on a regular basis. Calendula and Jasmine Face and Body Salt Scrub—Use it daily in the shower. *I love this product! It exfoliates, moisturizes and helps me start my day in a positive way. It has some serious aromatherapy value. *No problems. *Yes, I will use it again tomorrow and I would buy this on a regular basis.”

—Heather (Marlboro, VT)

“I have been using the Calendula, Lemon Balm, and Jasmine Whipped Body Butter from Good Body Products every day for several weeks. It has greatly reduced a red dry area on my face and helped to heal several scars. It feels good and smells good. I will definitely continue to use this wonderful organic and natural product.”

—Laura (Brookline, VT)

“I have always enjoyed using aromatherapy mists when they happen to be around, but I cannot say have ever purchased any. After having a sample of Good Body Products Pine, Spruce, & Lavender Aromatic Mist for a while I have become a convert and will purchase a bottle when it runs out. This mist has a powerful, opening effect on me. Everyone I know that has tried it is impressed.”

—Jason (South Newfane, VT)

“'Good' body products is an understatement! Top quality natural ingredients plus old wisdom at it's finest here. A little goes a long way. Recently I discovered the No Buzz/No Bite Aromatic Mist. It feels amazing not dousing my bubble with toxic chemicals (especially with kids around). It also feels good supporting a business that is conscientious of the big picture, promoting sustainability. ”

—Amy (Brooklyn, NY)

“I have used five or six Good Body Products for the past three months and I will continue to use these very GOOD products for as long as they are available. The Calendula & Jasmine Face and Body Scrub is part of my morning routine, providing excellent exfoliation combined with deep moisturizing. The Rosemary and Lavender Aromatic Mist has become a two- or three-times-a-day treat for my face, and it never fails to make me smile every time I take a hit. I have never been a perfume user, but now I don't go without using the Good Lavender and Patchouli Solid Scent. A dab behind the ears and on the wrist retains a very smooth and subtle aroma that stays softly with me all day. The Calendula and Lemon Balm Soothing Salve has taken care of a long time problem with split skin at the nail edge whose persistence defied other remedies. I have never been a product woman until now and it is all GOOD!”

—Kathy (Guilford, VT)

“I've been totally addicted to the Calendula & Lemon Balm Soothing Salve I have—it's helped my dry, cracked hands and feet this winter season! I feel like I should buy it in a huge vat!”

—Cathy (Marlboro, VT)

“I tested and faithfully use the Calendula & Lemon Balm Soothing Salve, which has helped me tremendously with my dry skin on my face, forehead area, cheeks and nose. But the worst part was my eyes the areas around my eyelids and tear ducts were so dry it was actually painful. Ever since Trish recommended I try this salve, my skin is so smooth and buttery and it seems to help diminish wrinkles too! Problems salved! I use the salve everyday and when I forget I can feel the difference especially during the cold winter months, it's a lifesaver...I love this product it's so GOOD, and I look forward to using all of the GOOD BODY products! Just opening up the container and smelling the Natural GOODness is so exciting, makes you want to jump into the container! It's like rubbing LOVE all over your body! More GOOD BODY PRODUCTS please...Bless You for creating, making and sharing these GOOD BODY products...I will use them ALL...”

—Rosanna (Little Falls, NJ)

“My family is a huge fan of the Calendula & Lemon Balm Soothing Salve. I needed something I could use during pregnancy and nursing but also something my 4 year old daughter would agree to having put on her ouchies. I also needed a salve that my husband could use without worries as he has some allergies. This salve met all of our needs and more. I use it on EVERYTHING. My daughter calls it our "magic medicine." Thanks Good Body Products for making something that helps to soothe my family and works amazingly well.”

—Michelle (Guilford, VT)