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About Good Body Products

Good Body Products is the result of a constant progression towards healthier living—it is the culmination of a long-time momentum towards a more natural and beneficial way of ingesting life with our bodies. We began working with alternative diet, natural healing, and herbal body care in the 1990s, while living in New York City. Our research and experimentation manifested in our own Green Smoothie Recipe Book, exploration of emerging and rediscovered health technologies, and creative use of essential oils and botanicals. As the years have passed we have become more and more understanding of the need to take care of our bodies, especially the skin. In 2011, our first body products began to take shape in our kitchen. Now, years later, our formulas are ready for everyone to enjoy. We are proud to offer you the finest in natural body products—simple, organic, vegan, gluten-free, and good for you!

Thanks for your business—we appreciate you,

Trish and Chris Thomas

Good Body Products
1738 River Road
Guilford, VT 05301
(802) 254-1290

Good Body Products founder Trish Thomas in the lab.
Good is Green

Good Body Products is committed to producing the best possible products with the finest, responsibly-created ingredients made. We use 100% organic natural ingredients in all of our products. We work to reduce our ecological footprint by sourcing locally grown ingredients. We continue to research "impact-free" methods and materials we can use in our manufacturing. Good Body Products follows green practices in the manufacture of our products. In doing so, we feel we increase the quality of our products and bring an overall benefit to the planet. We create products we use ourselves every day and are proud to offer them to you.

  • We do not use any sulfates, parabans, silicones, PEG, petro chemicals, artificial fragrance or artificial coloring—only nature and love go into our products.
  • We never test on animals. Why would we do this? Some customers, including veterinarians, do use some of our products on their animals with great success (CBD Extracts, Infused-oils, Aromatic Mists).
  • We are non-GMO and all vegan, aside from the beeswax we use in our products.
  • We source certified organic ingredients from our own farm or from local providers when possible.
  • Nearly all of our products are made with USDA certified organic, locally sourced, all-natural, chemical and preservative free ingredients. Our DEODORANTS are only certified as "Made with Organic" (70% or more organic) and our POWDERS are not considered organic. These products contain Kaolin clay, and although a natural occurring and unprocessed substance, it is not considered organic by USDA.